The Villa

Most of the structure dates back to the mid 800s and is located on the slopes of the Etna acropolis with beautiful views of Taormina and the coast of Calabria. An old lookout offers breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. In the summer months, the garden and the courtyard become a great outdoor living area. Verde Nobile belongs to a noble family of three generations and is part of a farm which is nearly five acres containing citrus and olive trees and numerous fruit trees.

The restoration was long and thorough and nothing was left to chance. The main objective was to respect and appreciate the historical and architectural heritage of the building, as well as following the principles of ecological design and energy-saving, all with zero impact. The rooms are heated but not air-conditioned as the location of our hotel is situated on an acropolis and therefore boasts a cool and windy microclimate. Moreover, the thick walls are made of lava stone and have a system of arches on the facade, which protect it from the hot sirocco wind.
Our hotel has a separate reception room where guests will find all the information they require, whilst checking in and checking out.


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