The Territory

Verde Nobile lies on the east coast between Etna and the sea. Etna is not just a mountain, but a strong back that protects everything. It is also an active volcano, where science and legend recall how it proudly vomited its contents creating Sicily, the ‘tricuspid’ island, which is thought will eventually swallow the huge cavity of emptied magma from the land that was created. This ambiguous account dominates and influences the lives of local residents. The house is located in a strategic position for visiting the most important cultural and historical places.
It only takes a few minutes to drive to the small town of Acireale, known for its baroque churches, famous carnival, fine pastries, blue sea and cliffs of lava stone. Etna, where you can discover its territory and ‘wine’ laden roads. The noble city of Catania “Catanese baroque”, adorned with a clever mixture of lava stone and coloured limestone. Tourists should make a special trip to Catania’s noisy but charming, fresh fish market in the heart of the city, and should also visit the many kiosks that are open until late at night, generating meeting points for the locals who stop and drink a variety of fruit sodas, a good way to cool down in the hot summer months.
For a journey into nature visit the Alcantara valley with its splendid gorges. Taormina, an Arab town perched on the sea, one of the most popular tourist destinations due to its mild climate.
Piazza Armerina which houses the most famous mosaics in the world. The city of Syracuse, with Roman origins, where, during the summer months its Greek theatre represents some of the most famous Greek tragedies.
Noto, a baroque town, with a soft and bright tint due to the light-coloured limestone from Syracuse. The beautiful Ibla, the old town centre of Ragusa. Modica, a small town, home to handmade chocolate and many delightful churches and historical buildings.